Building Surveying

Building Surveying

Building Surveying for Kent & London

If you are buying a new property or about to make significant changes to a property, you will need a chartered building surveyor on hand to ensure the building is safe and not suffering from any structural damage or faults that will cost you safety, time and money later on. At Adkins Consultants Ltd, our building surveyors in Kent are on hand to ensure you have all the information you need to make informed choices about your building.

Our surveys will examine buildings and find any faults and analyse defects providing full analysis and diagnosis of any defects.
We can help to identify load bearing walls.

We are able to assist with boundary disputes and help to settle issues relating to ownership of land. This includes advice on easements, rights of way and adverse possession.

Building Surveys Kent

Building surveys are a valuable service, helping you to determine the condition of a property, and this comprehensive inspection includes information on all consumable items, such as sanitary fittings and internal joinery. Our building surveys include information on roofs and roof voids, internal and external walls, floors, grounds and boundaries and more.

Building surveys are particularly useful for property buyers as they can be used to negotiate a more favourable sale price.

Building Fabric Surveys Kent

If you are planning to refurbish a building and you already have some knowledge and experience of the construction industry, you will find that our building fabric surveys will meet all your needs. Our Kent building surveyors will give you the guidance you need on the main structural components of your building, including roofs, external and internal walls, floors and roof voids.

We will also analyse efficiencies in buildings and comment on heat losses and provide advice on insulation.

This could also include dilapidation surveys where we consider defects at the end or the beginning of a lease. We follow the RICS protocol for agreeing the liabilities at the end of the lease for such dilapidations.

The team at Adkins consultants Ltd are experienced with conducting Specific Defect Inspections in order to determine specific defects and faults, such as settlement, cavity wall tie corrosion, sulphate attack and dampness. We will present you with a report on the particular problem, informing you of the cause, effect and whether you need to conduct remedial works.

Common defects we regularly inspect include:

  • Cracks that have appeared on or in a building.
  • Advice on subsidence.
  • Dampness
  • Roof spread
  • Workmanship this includes ‘snagging’ on new homes.
  • Expert Witness Work
  • Advice on buildings that appear to be influenced by trees.
  • Dilapidation Surveys.