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  1. Quantity Surveyors make Your Building Projects Stress-Free

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    One of the most important things when embarking on a construction project is to find the right balance between time, cost and quality but this is extremely difficult for many people to achieve on their own, without an experienced quantity surveyor by their side. Here at Adkins Consultants, we have the experience, skill and qualifications to bring you ingenious solutions for you to achieve your plans whilst staying within budget and working to your timeframe.

    Without experienced quantity surveyors, many construction projects face a wide range of problems, including project delays, cost overruns and even safety hazards. With so much to go wrong during a construction project, it’s no surprise that many people become increasingly stressed and panicked about everything.

    Quantity surveyors carry out a number of services to make your life significantly easier and less stressful at this important time, and here at Adkins Consultant, we do everything possible to make your construction project run as smoothly as possible.

    You’ll have an accurate idea of the cost of your project

    Your quantity surveyor helps you to sufficiently prepare for your project by ensuring you have up-to-date, accurate and relevant cost information pertaining to your plans. You’ll also be given a detailed understanding of the processes that you can expect to be used throughout your construction project so you can avoid common mistakes and instead focus your time, money and effort on the things that will work towards the success of your project.

    You’ll have a realistic budget to achieve your vision

    Quantity surveyors will take the time to go through all your priorities and expectations, before developing a feasibility study based on your requirements. The team at Adkins Consultants will then formulate the most cost-effective ways to take your concept and see it achieved in reality.

    You can easily oversee your budget

    Regardless of the size of your project, there’ll be numerous different ‘parts’ and stages that involve various people and companies, and many people don’t have the time or experience needed to track every expense involved with a construction project. Your quantity surveyor will keep track of all your outgoings and cut unnecessary or additional costs by implementing cost control measures.

    Quantity surveyors can resolve disputes and changes throughout the project

    Should your project encounter anything unexpected, the project funds are likely to be directly affected, so quantity surveyors are often involved with resolving the issue (such as timetable delays or differing opinions on how to complete a task) as they happen. This takes the pressure off you whilst keeping your project within budget or sacrificing your preferences and standards.

    Upon completion, you’ll have an object assessment of the project

    Your quantity surveyor’s role doesn’t end once your new property has been build, unlike other contractors you use. Part of their role is to provide you with a final report where you’ll find an itemised inventory and how much the actual costs amounted to.

    For more information about our quantity surveying services in Kent and the south east, don’t hesitate to call us on 01622 236 500 or contact us online today.

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