Industrial Development Maidstone

David King, Sue Jenkins and Joe Adams, each of who has been involved and working in the construction industry for many years, formed Adkins Consultants back in 2011.   The aim when forming the company was to bring together their extensive knowledge of the construction industry so that they could provide elite services to both their domestic and commercial clients.  One service that the company is now able to offer is their industrial development in Maidstone service.  

Why Choose Us? 

  • Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience revolving around the construction industry
  • Able to provide assistance to both commercial and domestic clients throughout London and the South East
  • Provide a wide range of different surveying services to meet our client’s needs

Why You May Need An Industrial Surveyor?

Anyone of our industrial surveyor in Maidstone team will be able to provide you with advice on any kind of development whether it is residential, industrial or transport related.  The kind of surveying services that our industrial development surveyor will provide to you is as follows:

  • Advice on planning policies
  • Identify sites suitable for development
  • Undertake valuation and negotiation of purchase or sale of land
  • Assess project applications
  • Raise finance from financial institutes or investors
  • Manage the project through to completion

Along with such, we can also arrange as part of our Industrial Development in Maidstone service to bring in one of our team of experienced quantity surveyors.  They will then carry out a wide range of services that will help further to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that costs are kept to required levels. 

Along with our quantity surveyors if required there are other further surveying services that can be utilised during any development project.   The other services that we here at Adkins Consultants can provide you with include:

  • Building Surveys
  • Building Fabric Surveys
  • Specific Defect inspections

If you would be interested in finding out how our Industrial Surveyor in Maidstone development team can help you then please call us today on 01622 236500, or you can simply send us an email at, and we will arrange to contact you to discuss any requirements you may have further.