Bills Of Quantities

For Main Contractors and Developers, we offer a measurement service to assist in the pricing of building works for tendering. We are able to tailor our measurement to suit the Clients needs and are able to offer full SMM7/NRM Bills of Quantities as well as less detailed ‘Builder’s Quantities’.

Our team of surveyor are highly experienced in the field of traditional measurement, which means we can ensure accuracy and completeness with a prompt delivery for our Clients.


Sample of work

Please click on the following link to view sample of our bills of quantities produced for one of our clients:

Example Bills of Quantities

At Adkins Consultants, our team of surveyors regularly produce detailed, accurate Bills of Quantities for you to use if you are tendering to be the main contractors on a project. Our Bills of Quantities are a significant way you can offer a highly competitive tender, and our services are a significant way for both main contractors and sub-contractors to keep their costs low.

We also produce less detailed ‘Builder’s Quantities’, and our unrivalled experience in traditional measurement means the team at Adkins Consultants can ensure accuracy, completeness and a prompt delivery for you.


Our Bills of Quantities benefit you

Our Bills of Quantities are produced to the highest standards, and we produce all our Bills of Quantities with a number of benefits, including:

We have the ability to deliver our Bills of Quantities in a number of different formats, including CITE and Excel so you can import them to your estimating software, and we can deliver you hard copies, electronic copies and on CD.


Why you need Bills of Quantities

Bills of Quantities from Adkins Consultants will ensure you are in the best possible position to not only offer a competitive tendering price, they help you achieve budgetary control. Bills of Quantities are valued as highly accurate sources of real-time expense data, which you can then use if you want to estimate the costs of subsequent construction projects.

The team at Adkins Consultants have a wealth of experiencing producing Bills of Quantities, and we are passionate about helping contractors to win construction tenders and providing an excellent service to our clients. For more information on what you can expect from our Bills of Quantities, simply take a look at our example Bills of Quantities.

For more information about how we can help you and produce detailed Bills of Quantities, simply get in touch online or call us on 01622 236 500 today.